• With a festive atmosphere, the Quito airport celebrated the opening of two MINISO brand stores, which are available to passengers in the national and international boarding areas, one in each area.

MINISO is a Chinese brand with more than 3,000 stores around the world and is recognized for offering a variety of accessories, electronics, cosmetics, stuffed animals, beauty and health, stationery, home decorations, toys, kitchen line, gifts, luggage in the brands Marvel, WeBear Bears, the Pink Panther.

During the inaugural event, Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Corporación Quiport, stated: "It is a great joy to see that our airport has not only recovered, but that it is once again on the path of growth and the opening of the MINISO is a sample of this”. Also, he added: “We are convinced that MINISO has arrived to add to our permanent objective of delivering the best experience to our passengers and users. For our part, we offer them our full support, as their success will be part of the success of everyone at the Quito airport”.

For his part, Pablo José Acosta, executive president of MINISO, thanked Quiport and all those involved in the opening of the commercial store. "Today we are inaugurating this store that will surely generate a great experience for all passengers," he mentioned.

With the opening of MINISO, the Quito airport makes 32 stores of products and services available to users and passengers, both nationally and internationally.