• The airline begins its operation with four weekly frequencies.

• It has the capacity to transport 25,000 passengers a year on this route.

This afternoon, the celebration ceremony was held for the reactivation of the route between Quito and Santa Rosa by Aeroregional, once again connecting the country's capital with one of the most important productive and economic centers in Ecuador.

The airline operates the route with four weekly frequencies on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday using Boeing 737-500 aircraft with capacity for 129 passengers and Boeing 737-400 with capacity for 145 passengers. According to the airline's forecasts, there is the capacity to transport 25 thousand passengers per year on this route.

Depending on demand, the airline could increase frequencies in the future.

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Marcelo Cabrera, pointed out that the authorities of the country's air transportation policy see with great satisfaction that the current conditions are conducive to the recovery of Ecuadorian aviation in the post-COVID-19 pandemic, at the domestic level. “For this reason, today it is a pleasure for me to support Aeroregional in the start of operations on the Quito – Santa Rosa – Quito’s route, which, starting today, will once again connect these two cities with four weekly flights, as part of its expansion project at the national level”, he stated.

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Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Quiport, congratulated Aeroregional for the opening of this route. “This new Aeroregional service is very important, not only because the route between Quito and Santa Rosa has great tourism and business potential on both wasy, but also because, through Santa Rosa, the air connectivity of the entire city is enhanced. We believe that the route has great potential to grow and consolidate and we are supporting Aeroregional so that it can succeed in its operation,” added.

For his part, Manuel Rodríguez, president of Aeroregional, considered that: "This is not a simple flight, this is the joy of all of starting to resume the routes that we had two years ago, of returning to live and celebrate together", and announced that the airline's plans are to recover the eight domestic routes it operated before the pandemic. After thanking the fundamental role of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, he stressed that: "This is a joint effort that the Prefecture of El Oro wanted to do, Quiport wanted to do, from whom we have received all the support and all the incentives to make it".