The Private Aviation services of the Mariscal Sucre International Airport are now complete with the recent inauguration of a modern and top of the line hangar, complete with all necessary services and security equipment. The hangar is the newest addition to the renovated passenger terminal and the aircraft-parking platform offered by Ecuacentair FBO, the company that operates private aviation at the Quito airport.

Private aviation services are paramount in the management of an airport such as Quito’s Mariscal Sucre. Through this type of facility, a wide variety of users, such as high-level executives, international diplomatic missions or artists arrive to the city. The arrival procedures comply with all the legal regulations of Ecuador, for which Ecuacentair FBO coordinates with governmental entities, in particular with Migration, Customs and National Police, to carry out the necessary processes.

With the operation of the new 1,900 m2 hangar, Ecuacentair FBO and the Quito airport have tripled the average aircraft parking capacity from three to nine (six aircraft in the hangar and three on the 1,400 m2 open platform). David Carrión, manager of Ecuacentair FBO, comments that the new hangar has allowed three companies that own private planes to select the Quito airport as their base of operations. “In addition to the 3 aircraft that we have under contract based in Quito, we handle aircraft that arrive for business or tourism. When we have bigger planes we position them on the open platform”, declared Carrión.

Ecuacentair FBO also remodeled the lounges of its passenger terminal, located in the General Aviation area of ​​Quito’s airport. Using warm-toned materials such as wood, the terminal rooms offer an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, with cafeteria services, a meeting room and a lounge for pilots.

Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Corporación Quiport, explained that with the new hangar and the renovation of the passenger terminal, private aviation in Quito positions itself among the best in the region. “Ecuacentair FBO is one of our most committed partners. Their work has allowed private aviation in Quito and Ecuador to grow significantly thanks to their first-class service. Quiport emphasizes focus on excellence in customer service, whether in commercial passenger transport, export and import cargo, or private aviation”.

Construction of the infrastructure began in January 2020 and was interrupted for four months in mid-March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Works concluded in July 2021.