The quality of passenger service is presently one of the fundamental pillars on which the airport industry is erected, and a factor that has gained significant relevance due to the COVID-19 health crisis, which has to do with the way in which airports are taking care of the health of their passengers, as well as of their collaborators.

The Mariscal Sucre International Airport has renewed the Airport Customer Experience Accreditation: level 3.

Level 3 in the Airport Customer Experience Accreditation means that Corporación Quiport, as the entity responsible for managing the airport, meets four key conditions:

  • Incorporates customer service policies into your overall strategy.
  • Knows the profile of its passengers.
  • Measures their level of satisfaction.
  • Executes improvements and new services considering the real needs of passengers.

“The pandemic has not been an obstacle to continue working to provide our passengers with the best experience at the Quito airport. Knowing what passengers expect from the airport service and measuring their level of satisfaction allows us to plan much more efficiently and guarantee that our efforts will meet their objectives. We have a firm conviction that the success of our work at the Quito airport depends, to a great extent, on working with our passengers in mind,” explained Ramón Miró, president and CEO of Corporación Quiport.

Currently there are only two airports in the world that have reached level 3: Quito and Hong Kong. Incheon airport, in South Korea, is the sole level 4 certification holder in the world.