• Airlines will now be able to use 100% of their authorized frequencies.
  • Increase in frequencies will depend on passenger demand.


The General Directorate of Civil Aviation announced through a publication on its website that frequency restrictions for airlines operating in Ecuador, both domestic and international flights, were eliminated. The decision was made after the lifting of the state of exception on September 14.


Until September 14, the country had a 50% restriction on the frequencies that each airline had before the health emergency. With this recent decision, airlines can now make use of 100% of their sanctioned frequencies before the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


This does not mean, however, that all airlines will automatically start occupying 100% of their frequencies. The increase in frequencies will be a progressive process that will depend on the growth in demand from passengers. The good news is that the 50% cap has been lifted, allowing airlines to freely plan their reactivation strategies to bring the air transport sector back.


At the moment, at the Quito International Airport no airline operates with 100% of the authorized frequencies, as demand is still under recovery.

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