By arrangement of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, operations at Mariscal Sucre Airport are kept open to ensure the city's air connectivity. Most of the flights planned for today have already been canceled by the airlines due to the restriction of movement from and to the city of Quito.


Passengers are remaining inside the airport terminal and are being served snacks and beverages to make their stay more bearable. Similarly, the airport has a medical center prepared and equipped to meet any health needs of passengers and employees.


The curfew decreed by the National Government is still in force, so we ask passengers who had flights for today to inform their airline about the status of their flight and if the flight is canceled, we insist on the recommendation of Do not go to the airport, in order to avoid possible saturation of the terminal. You can also check the status of flights at https://www.aeropuertoquito.aero/en/domestic-flights/domestic-arrivals.html.


Andrew O'Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, said that “we are working 24/7 to serve passengers and make their stay easier during these difficult times. Passengers, many of them foreigners, and employees are well and receive attention and help that we can provide within what is possible in an emergency situation like this.”


Airlines will inform their alternative plans; please contact them directly. We ask that you stay informed by official channels.