The following is the list of canceled flights today. It should be noted that the list is drawn up based on the information provided by the airlines. The table is updated with the information available until 18:20 10/03/2019. For more information, we ask passengers to contact their airline directly.


tabla 3


The transport strike and road closures affects the transit of passengers and users to and from the Quito airport.

Corporación Quiport, concessionaire of the airport services of Quito, informs the public that due to the road closures throughout the city there is no expedite route towards Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

From the early hours of the morning, Corporación Quiport has worked at Quito International Airport to mitigate the effects of the transport strike in effect today, with actions focused on passengers and users present at the airport, particularly passengers who have arrived in Quito. Quiport has worked to find transportation alternatives for passengers to the city.

Aero, a private passenger transport service from the airport to the Bicentennial Park, has been operating as a transfer alternative with its bus units.

On the other hand, Quiport is coordinating with hotels and hostels near the airport to provide accommodation for passengers who so require.

Quiport has allocated resources for the delivery of snacks and drinks for passengers who have arrived in Quito and are without transfer options to the city, with the intention of reducing, as far as possible, the discomfort that this strike may cause.

We ask the citizens to seek information only from official channels about the state of the access roads to the airport, as well as with their airlines to find out about flight statuses. The decision to cancel or reschedule flights is sole discretion of each airline, who are evaluating the possible effects that this strike may have on their operations.

Quito International Airport, through Quiport executives, is in permanent contact with its users and passengers through social networks (@AeropuertoUIO and @Quiport on Twitter) and with interviews and dissemination of information on local radios.

In order to ensure continuity in the provision of services, the personnel of all the institutions and companies that operate at the airport will double their work shifts in case their relays cannot access the airport.