• The funds from the tournament will go towards the remodeling of three sports fields in the area of influence of Quito International Airport, as part of Corporación Quiport’s Social Responsibility Program.


On April 12, the 2019 Copa Quiport golf tournament was held at Los Cerros Golf Club. The event brought together 106 amateur players and 38 companies that operate at and supply Quito Airport for a day of sport with a social purpose.

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Thanks to the strong response to the tournament and the active participation of the sponsoring companies, funds were raised to rehabilitate three soccer fields that serve children and young people between the ages of 5 to 14 who live near the airport.

For Andrew O´Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, the support of the participants and sponsors was key to the event’s success. “We managed to bring together an important group of companies that operate at Quito Airport for a beneficial cause through the sport of golf. Quiport has positioned itself as a good neighbor to the communities in the surrounding parishes, becoming a driver of development and working with local people to improve their conditions”.

The Quiport soccer school project began two years ago with the aim to offer children and young people in the neighboring areas of the airport an activity that would enable them to spend their free time in a healthy way, while being educated on values such as solidarity, responsibility and teamwork.

Corporación Quiport recognizes the companies, suppliers and entrepreneurs who are part of Mariscal Sucre Airport and who helped us achieve the aim of this event which seeks to promote sport and social responsibility.

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