• At the 2019 Skytrax Awards, Quito Airport won Best Regional Airport in South America and 4-Star Airport for a fourth year in a row, and Best Airport Staff in South America for a third year in a row.


Quito Airport has once again been recognized at the Skytrax World Airport Awards, a benchmark of excellence for the world airport industry. At the 2019 event held in England, it picked up three awards highlighting its quality of service, efficiency, friendliness and security; key elements that have led to it being recognized as a first-rate airport in the region and comparable on a global scale.

The World Airport Awards is a non-profit section of Skytrax, created to ensure an ethical and independent awards process. According to Edward Plaisted of Skytrax: “we stated at the launch of our awarding procedures many years ago that we were providing a global awards programme for the airline industry that was not commercially influenced, and this remains a core guarantee”.

The Skytrax evaluation parameters unify the standards of airlines and airports across the globe. More than 13 million passengers and 100 nationalities rated their experience at 550 airports, evaluating traveler experiences across different airport service and product key performance indicators.

This is the only international airport quality rating applied using a direct and professional analysis of product and service quality standards, including two classifications: Airports rated from 1 to 5 stars and Regional Airports.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport has won Best Regional Airport in South America and 4-Star Airport for a fourth year in a row, and Best Airport Staff in South America for a third year in a row.

2 skytrax 2019 mejor aeropuerto regional

To select Quito Airport as a 4-Star Airport, the Skytrax team carried out an audit to evaluate the general performance and quality of services on offer. A team of professionals visited the airport to measure parameters such as transportation, ease of access, safety, immigration service and signage; quality of service and comfort were also taken into account.

1 skytrax 2019 mejor aeropuerto regional


The Best Regional Airport category rewards the quality offered by airports whose operations are focused on regional and/or domestic routes. Mariscal Sucre Airport is part of this recognition as it offers the highest standards of comfort and service to its customers.

Mariscal Sucre Airport also won Best Airport Staff in South America, an achievement which is thanks to the service provided by all the staff and entities who serve passengers as they travel through the airport, including security, airline, store and food & beverage staff, suppliers and authorities such as Immigration and Customs.

Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Quiport, said: “the challenge to remain among the top airports in the region and the world for infrastructure and quality of service is huge, and we embrace this by making every effort to find opportunities for continuous improvement. It gives us great pride to know that our customers and passengers have rated the staff who work at the airport’s companies and organizations as the best in the continent, which is essential to be selected as Best Regional Airport in South America and retain our 4-Star rating”.


Corporación Quiport’s commitment as the concessionaire of the city airport, and its joint work with municipal and government entities and private companies who operate at the airport, is reflected by its repeated success at these awards.


More information about the awards

  • The survey was conducted from August 2017 to February 2018.
  • Over 100 customer nationalities participated in the survey.
  • The costs of operating the survey are paid entirely by Skytrax.
  • Customer surveys were provided in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • 550 airports are included in the survey results.
  • No payment or reward of any type is made to survey respondents, with all submissions on a voluntary basis.
  • No membership subscription, registration or any charge for an airport to be included in the survey.
  • The customer survey is not restricted to member airports. Any airport in the world can be nominated in the survey.
  • The awards event has no charge for airports to attend.
  • The online survey was hosted at