• Quito Airport is in seventh place for cargo volume among the airports of Latin America and the Caribbean


DHL Express Ecuador announced the start of operations at Quito International Airport from March 11 with six weekly flights (from Monday to Saturday). The global logistics and transport giant backs this new operation in Quito in the airport’s infrastructure and the highly efficient logistics enabling a growing development of cargo transport. DHL will operate with a Boeing 737-400.

DHL aeropuerto quito 2

Quito Airport, operated and managed by Corporación Quiport, has an area of 45,000 m2 dedicated exclusively to air cargo operations. It includes the domestic and international cargo terminals, a cargo apron which can receive six large aircraft simultaneously and the respective taxiways, offering the best air cargo infrastructure in the country.

“This new connection will create a great impact in the export sector, since it will give companies and individuals a new and swift opportunity to dispatch goods directly from the capital of the country to international markets”, said Edith Villavicencio, general manager of DHL Express Ecuador. The DHL Express representative added that the company seeks to support Ecuadorian business people based in Quito and the surrounding areas to make their logistics chains more efficient and to make them more competitive on a global level.

Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, said: “for Corporación Quiport it is very important to strengthen the transport of cargo, since we are the principal air cargo airport in Ecuador. This is making Quito Airport an increasingly prominent hub for development, strengthening not only tourism but also productive export activities, especially flowers but also fruit, other perishable goods and dry cargo such as handicrafts.”

This is confirmed by the Deputy Minister for Industrial and Territorial Competitiveness, Juan Sebastian Salcedo, who says that what has been achieved with Quiport is a successful example of the public-private partnerships that can be achieved in the country.   


In the context of this new air cargo offer Álvaro Maldonado, Secretary for Competitiveness and Productive Development of the Municipality of Quito, commented: “Quito Airport continues to consolidate as one of the most important cargo airports in the region. Transporting our products to the world by DHL means more jobs, more opportunities, more business, trade and commerce for our city and our country. Its presence makes us more competitive. Welcome DHL!”