• The event brings together 40 airport operations and security professionals from all over the world in order to discuss current issues in this field and share best industry practices.


From February 5 to 9, the 37th meeting of the World Safety and Technical Standards Standing Committee is being held in Quito, organized by Airports Council International (ACI), the entity that groups all of the world’s civil airports.

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At this meeting, 40 airport professionals from different cities (Copenhagen, San Francisco, Geneva, Doha, Vienna, Delhi, Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Accra, London, Johannesburg, Kansas City, among others) will discuss important airport safety issues, key safety indicators and data collection, marking of taxiway edges, as well as issues related to cyber menaces that threaten the safety of airport operations.

On February 7th, the Operating Safety Committee of the Airports International Council - Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) will meet to discuss issues such as the implementation of Runway Safety Committees in airports of the region, the update of the Aerodrome Certification process, standardization of operating indicators in the region, among other issues of great importance for the airport industry.

In his welcome, Mr. Andrew O’Brian, President and Director General of Quiport, stated that “the dynamics surrounding operating safety force us to keep ourselves up to date and to be even one step ahead in this field. In order to do so, meetings such as these are of vital importance in order to discuss the principal issues regarding operating safety and share best industry practices”.

Mr. Alan Padilla, Director of Operations of the Quito airport, who also chairs the World Safety Committee, will participate in the event. Mr. Padilla will speak about the regional safety week, best industry practices, runway safety equipment, among other topics.

Corporación Quiport will host this important event, thanks to the efforts performed in operating safety, thereby positioning itself as an industry leader.