• The lounge, which is visited by more than 12,000 passengers per month, was inaugurated on November 20th. It was designed with the objective of creating an elegant and friendly environment inspired in the country’s, city’s and the travelers’ needs.

Travelers will find a variety of services specifically created for their comfort in this 1135 m2 construction which includes resting areas, food and beverages, a business center all in a relaxing environment. The International VIP Lounge at the Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport -designed by InStudio and decorated by AHDI Estudio de Diseño led by well-known designer Adriana Hoyos– is the most recent addition to the high quality services offered at Quito’s airport.

According to Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, concessionaire of the Quito airport, this area is part of the management’s general strategy which is focused on passengers´ needs as well as on the necessities of the city and country. In light of Quito’s great tourism and business potential, having a first-class area that provides comfort and also connections for business development is more than a luxury, it is an opportunity.

“As the ones responsible for the Mariscal Sucre Airport administration, we are always looking for opportunities in order to provide better services and to improve our quality standards. We wish to continue leading the region’s airport industry and, therefore, this is a step forward in our determination to maintain excellence in our services”, Andrew O’Brian added.

Sala VIP 2

During the inauguration ceremony, Tourism Vice Minister Carlos Larrea congratulated Quiport for its efforts in remodeling and expanding the VIP Lounge. “The work performed jointly with Quiport demonstrates that together we can reach further. We are joining the efforts of many institutions for the sole purpose of becoming a touristic powerhouse. Upon inaugurating this VIP Lounge, we are closing the circle and coming closer to the objective”, Larrea said.

Furthermore, an exclusive lounge for Diners Club customers will operate in this area. The new Club Lounge was designed taking into account the preferences and tastes of Diners Club members.

Sleeping areas, bathrooms with showers and the necessary fittings, private spaces and gathering areas, working and reading places, and a bar with a great gastronomic offer are added to an external terrace adorned with jasmine and other flowers, a jacaranda tree (characteristic of this area) and other endemic plants. This is quite an innovation since very few airports in the world have external areas available to travelers. Approximately 12,000 passengers use the VIP Lounge every month.

The expanded International VIP Lounge offers contrasting colors, movements, textures and aromas that allow the passenger to observe local architecture, techniques and design all the while enjoying Quito’s natural environment. Natural light passes through large northeast-facing windows, warming the area and allowing to admire the city’s beautiful sunsets.

Sala VIP 1

Major credit cards from the most important local banks allow access to the Lounge free of charge or with discounts. There are also agreements in place with the airlines and it is possible to pay directly at the counter in cash or with credit cards in order to enjoy all these benefits.

The inauguration was attended by authorities and special guests such as Mr. Alvaro Maldonado, Secretary for Productive Development and Competitiveness of the Quito Municipality, Mr. Fernando Quevedo, Ecuadorian representative to the Inter-American Development Bank, Ms. Maria Isabel Real, Manager of Empresa Pública Metropolitana de Servicios Aeroportuarios, among others.