Quito, September 11 2017. JetBlue, the airline that flies from Quito to Fort Lauderdale, informed this morning that its flights to that U.S. destination scheduled for September 11 and 12 are cancelled due to weather conditions and Hurricane Irma moving through Florida. Besides, Corporación Quiport S.A., concessionaire of the Quito Mariscal Sucre International Airport, asked the passengers of that airline to consult with it for more details about the cancellation. Information is available at (02) 2818422.

In addition, American Airlines’ operations will be cancelled throughout this day (September 11) except for departure flight AA946. Likewise, the airport suggests asking the airline for more information at (02) 3946880.

Quiport also recommends passengers traveling to Florida through connecting flights to consult with the respective airlines about the specific status of their flights.



Airline Flight Date Operation Time Origin/Destination  
Jetblue B62851 11/09/2017 Arrivals 22:23 FT. Lauderdale  
Jetblue B62851 12/09/2017 Arrivals 22:23 FT. Lauderdale  
Jetblue B62850 11/09/2017 Departures 23:39 FT. Lauderdale  
Jetblue B62850 12/09/2017 Departures 23:39 FT. Lauderdale  
American Airlines AA 932 11/09/2017 Departures 6:45 Miami  
American Airlines AA 939 11/09/2017 Arrivals 21:22 Miami  
American Airlines AA 947 11/09/2017 Arrivals 18:44 Miami