• The International Civil Aviation Organization is a United Nations agency specialized in civil aviation.
  • Quito was the first stopping point of a visit that includes three Ecuadorian cities.
  • The members of the ICAO Council held an official meeting in this country featuring “Aviation and Environment” issues.


Quito, March 15, 2017 - On Monday, March 13, the Mariscal Sucre International Airport was visited by high ranking members of the ICAO Council upon invitation of the Civil Aviation Directorate together with Airports Council International (ACI) during the official trip of those authorities to Ecuador which includes three cities, Quito among them.


The ICAO delegation is headed by Dr. Bernard Aliu, ICAO Council President.

ICAO is a United Nations agency specialized in civil aviation issues and works with the 191 member states and with industry groups to reach consensus about recommended standards, methods and policies for international civil aviation, making it possible that the civil aviation sector may be operationally safe, efficient, protected, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible.

The ICAO Council is the governing body of the International Civil Aviation Organization and comprises delegates from 36 states that legislate, rule, regulate and audit the international civil aviation.  In this official visit, the plenary ICAO Council held meetings in our country to discuss “Aviation and Environment” issues.

During a visit to the Quito airport facilities, ICAO’s principal officers were able to appreciate the operational advantages offered at the airport as well as the quality of its infrastructure.  After the visit, Dr. Bernard Aliu, Council President, said that “Quiport sees its role in Ecuador not just as a commercial operator but as part of an international system...

It is gratifying to see that the collaboration we are promoting at a global level is happening also at the national level here.”

For his part, Mr. Hajime Yoshimura, chairman of the Air Navigation Committee and Japanese delegate to the ICAO Council, said that this is his first visit to the Quito airport and the city.  “The nature of the city is so wonderful and beautiful as well as this new airport. This airport is one of the best airports I have ever seen…The construction and facilities are well in compliance with ICAO regulations. That is why this airport already has ICAO Certification…In this region not so many airports have such certificate,” he said.

In addition, he highlighted the actions undertaken by Quiport after the earthquake of April 16 that hit the Ecuadorian coast. “This airport is a leading airport. I am very impressed that you supported Manta´s airport after the earthquake. Your team went to the airport to help and in a few days you started up the airport. This initiative is great and please continue to be a leader in this region,” Mr. Yoshimura said.

After the visit, Mr. Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport, said that “the visit is the result of Quito’s and its airport’s growing importance in air transportation issues and we are proud for having enhanced once again the name of this city”.  He also explained that all the work performed at the Quito airport is in keeping with rules and orders issued by ICAO.

After its visit in Quito, the ICAO Council held meetings in Guayaquil on Aviation and Environment issues.


About Corporación Quiport S.A.

Corporación Quiport (Quiport) is the company in charge of the construction, administration, operation and maintenance of the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, Ecuador.

Quiport is formed by important companies with vast experience in the concession and operation of airports: CCR of Brazil, Odinsa S.A. of Colombia and HAS Development Corporation (HAS-DC) of the USA.