The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) informed to the public that the winds observed at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport of Quito are normal at this time of year.

vientos vuelos

This climate phenomenon occurs throughout the Ecuadorian capital and responds to a transition process; the rainy season ends and gives way to the dry season (July, August and September), leading to strong winds with average speeds of 15 knots (about 30 km/hour) and momentarily reaching 35 knots (about 70 km/hour) during the late afternoon.

When these winds are present, passengers can sometimes feel the presence of turbulence minutes before landing, which should not cause alarm because aircrafts are designed to withstand this type of atmospheric phenomenon.

In addition, the control towers across the country are equipped with digital and analog sensors for each runway extremity with which the direction, intensity and variations in wind factor are measured. This information is provided and updated to all flight crews.

The airports in the country have the physical and human resources necessary to ensure safety and comply with procedures established at national and international levels, to address any situations that arise from wind intensity.

The Department of Meteorology of the DGAC uses sophisticated equipment and is responsible for the continuous measurement of the winds to safeguard the security of aircraft landings and takeoffs and passenger welfare. The winds are measured at 10 meters above the level of the runway, whose values ​​are acceptable for air operations.

The maximum aviation authority reiterates that turbulence and crosswinds and other phenomenon characteristic of this season are temporary until the next season change in our country.

Source: General Directorate of Civil Aviation

Link: http://www.aviacioncivil.gob.ec/?p=4818