Aeromexico is yet another airline that has decided to increase its supply of seats this summer for its operations from Quito’s Airport. As of December 2013, this airline has been operating the Quito - Mexico City route, and thanks to passenger demand and the great acceptance given to this destination, the company now improves its operations with a Boeing 737-800 for its 7 weekly flights.

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Aeromexico has a daily flight between Quito and Mexico which was previously served by a Boeing 737-700. As of today, Aeromexico flights will be operated with this new aircraft, with capacity for 160 passengers that represents a significant increase compared to the 124 seats on board the 737-700. The aircraft features LED lighting, more space between seats, power outlets on every seat, and touch screens for greater comfort during trips, as was explained by Alexandra Jacome, Aeromexico’s Commercial Manager in Ecuador.

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This morning Quiport and Aeromexico celebrated this good news in the company of passengers during a brief ceremony in which representatives of the airline and the airport took part. It was a surprise breakfast and the traditional arch of water for the airplane. Carlos Criado, Quiport’s Director of Business Development recollected that Aeromexico was the first new airline to start operations with the opening of the new airport. Jaime del Arenal, Ambassador of Mexico, congratulated both parties for this improvement in connectivity and encouraged closer relations between the two countries.

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This reaffirms the successful operations of the Quito Airport, which provides an increasingly greater connectivity between the city, the country and the world.