29. Feb. 2016

The expectations are that the addition of the new airline will stimulate the growth of passenger numbers between Quito and Florida by 40%.

11. Oct. 2015

Quito airport received a World Travel Award for the second year running.

30. Sep. 2015

The Mariscal Sucre Airport received the Carbon Footprint Certification granted by the Airports Council International (ACI). 

02. Jul. 2015

The beginning of summer also marks the beginning of the high season for air travel worldwide. This phenomenon is no stranger to our country and demand for seats for flights ...

01. Jul. 2015

Aeromexico is yet another airline that has decided to increase its supply of seats this summer for its operations from Quito’s Airport. 

26. Jun. 2015

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) informed to the public that the winds observed at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport of Quito are normal at this time of ...

15. Jun. 2015

The morning of the fifth of June was special for Quito’s American Airlines passengers destined to Miami.

18. May. 2015

The Quito International Airport project took part in the ‘Drive Performance of Sustainable Businesses: Private Sector Perspectives Sustainable Business' forum organized by ...

18. May. 2015

7,910 additional square meters.30% increase in boarding lounge capacity.Greater services for passengers.

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